Create a self extracting zip file for deploying the template

The executable for installing the template was created by using a self-extracting executable using Chillkat Software's free ZIP 2 Secure EXE.
Download ZIP 2 Secure

Here's the steps to create the executable
1) Download the source and set up the solution in Visual Stuido
2) Build the solution, creating the executables for CreateDDF and InstallMOSSSolutionBuilder
3) Move them to a new directory, in this case named c:\TemplateCreator

4) Move source objects (higlighted in the image below) of the ProjectTemplateStructure project to a new folder in c:\TemplateCreator named WSPProjectTemplate

5) Rename MOSSWSPBuilderProjectTemplate.csproj.xml to MOSSWSPBuilderProjectTemplate.csproj, removing the .xml from the file extension, as shown below

6) Create a ZIP file with all the files in the WSPProjectTemplate folder named MOSS Solution Builder, as shown below

7) Move the new ZIP file up one level into the TemplateCreator directory

8) Create a ZIP file that includes InstallMOSSSolutionBuilder.exe, createddf.exe, and MOSS Solution Builder Name this new ZIP file

9) Execute ZIP 2 Secure EXE, entering the information in the following screenshot. Make sure you enter c:\createddf in the Unzip dir text box

10) Click the Create button. This will create the executable which acts as the installer for the template. Run the EXE, and the template will be deployed to Visual Studio.

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